March 15, 2011


Legislative Alert for Georgia Brewpubs

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Posting this alert from the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild:

Dear Georgia Beer Enthusiasts,

With your help we have a last minute, fighting chance of getting a bit of Georgia Law changed to help Georgia brewpubs.

House Bill 472 seeks to raise the limit a Georgia brewpub can sell to a wholesaler from 500 to 5000 Bbl/ year and to strike the current brewpub restriction of “draft only.” IF THE BILL ISN’T ACTED ON BY TOMORROW MORNING, IT WILL DIE FOR THIS YEAR.

If you’d like to find bottles of your favorite Brewpub’s beer available in stores, please immediately email Rules Committee Chairman, John Meadows( with the following simple message:

“Georgia Breweries = Georgia Tourism + Georgia Jobs + Georgia Economic Development. Give HB472 a vote!”

Please act IMMEDIATELY or it will be too late. Thanks for your support,

Georgia Craft Brewers Guild


Breweries that could be Georgia Breweries are leaving and starting in other states where the laws are more progressive and more friendly to small brewing operations.  We need to modernize our laws if we want to encourage brewers to open their businesses here.  Georgia needs the economic growth that this would provide.

I won’t get political often, but this is important.


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