March 14, 2011


Equipment: Burner Replacement

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So I’ve been having problems recently with my boil kettle burner.  Originally, I had chosen to go with the 23-jet wok burner thinking I would get the most bang for the buck.  At some online restaurant supply shops they were around $25.  I got one spec’d for propane and hooked it up with my regulator in line.  It worked great.  At first…

After a few runs, I had to switch propane tanks.  That’s where I first noticed the problems.  Instead of using the tank I own and bought new, I had one of those swap tanks from the supermarket.  The flame refused to burn clean.  It was at least 50% yellow flame and left a lot of black soot on the outside of the kettle.

The biggest drawback to this setup was not having a way to adjust airflow into the burner.  I had no way to control fuel-air mix.  I also noticed that eventually the nozzles were starting to wiggle loose and I was having to make sure they were all tight prior to brewing.  Even my personal propane tank stated resulting in yellow flame, though it was not as pronounced.

Enter the Banjo Burner…

After doing some extensive research on forums such as Homebrewtalk, I settled on the Banjo Burner.  Having the ability to control air intake was a big factor.  Also, not having to deal with whether or not the jet nozzles were coming loose or clogged was a huge plus.

My initial tests so far have shown that I have much finer control over the flame output.  There is a larger range of flame height and I can adjust the air intake as needed based on that flame.  So far, no problems with yellow flame with any of the tanks I’ve tried.  I’ll be doing a 10 gallon batch this weekend and will be able to determine if any of my times have been affected.

Moral of the story, as usual, is to spend the money up front.  You’ll be happier.



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  1. Casanovaf says:

    Now that is what I am talking about, I am asking for that burner for Christmas this year!

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