March 18, 2011


Dark Mild Tasting

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This past Tuesday we had reason to celebrate as we found out we’ll be having a boy in August!  So, Callie fixed St. Augustine dinner (I’ll get her to post the recipe if anyone is interested) and I put the Dark Mild on tap and force carbonated it to real ale level.  We had some friends over for dinner and I was explaining how beer judging works.  So, I jotted down some tasting notes for this batch.

Aroma: Lightly sweet malt with a nice light chocolate note.  Very light toffee mixed in with the chocolate.  Faint earthy hop aroma.  No diacetyl and no fruitiness from esters.

Appearance: Hazy mahogany color with a moderate light tan head.  Head is creamy with good retention.

Flavor: Pleasantly malty with a slight flare of vinous plums in the middle.  Finishes with a chocolate and toffee character.  Low bitterness lets the malt take the lead, but does not seem overly sweet.  No diacetyl.  No hop flavor.

Mouthfeel: Light body with low carbonation.  No astringency.  No discernable alcohol presence.

Impression: Tasty and flavorful Mild Ale.  I really like the play of the nutty toffee and chocolate flavors.  Very refreshing and easy to drink pint.  The low carbonation makes the body seem lighter that it probably is based on the mash temp.


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