February 14, 2011


Review: Abita Beer – Mardi Gras Bock

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In honor of our Final Gravity friend Matt who has moved on to a professional brewing carerr with Abita Beer and in honor of it being Mardi Gras season, I’m presenting tasting notes on Abita’s seasonal Maibock.

Aroma: Moderately rich malt aroma with milt hints of grainy pilsner.  Hop aroma is a very low floral noble variety if anything.  It’s 99.5% malt.  Very clean with no diacetyl (think fake popcorn butter for those that aren’t familiar with the term) or fruity esters.  Alcohol is not discernable in the aroma.

Appearance: Brilliantly clear amber/copper color.  Large creamy white head fades somewhat slowly.  Foam lingers on the glass leaving lacing.

Flavor: Strong pilsner malt flavor with a bit of bread crumbs.  Slight hint of spicy noble hop flavors.  Very clean, dry finish leaving just a faint hint of roast.  Perhaps the grist had a dash of roast barley for color.  Moderate bitterness that balances with the malt very well.  No fuity ester flavors or diacetyl.

Mouthfeel: Medium body sits well on the palate and drinks like a lighter beer.  Carbonation is moderately high and almost effervescent when poured.  No harshness from the alcohol or astringency is present.

Impression: Overall, a really good Maibock.  Very easy to drink and very clean.  From the color, I would have expected a bit more of the toast or bread crust aroma/flavor associated with Munich malt, but that may not be present in the malt bill.  I would recommend this lager to beer geeks and the BMC crowd alike.

L’aissez les bon temps rouler!



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  1. Matt says:

    Cheers to that! I will be bottling my porter in the next week or so and will hope to send you some! Gonna brew this weekend with a simple pale ale or a fruit pale ale or pilsner using a can of my ol apricot puree. Should be fun! I would keep an eye out for the select beers at Taco Mac too. The Imperial Stout is at the Taco Mac in midtown and the Black IPA should be arriving soon. The Black IPA released Friday at a pub in New Orleans killing 4 kegs. It went over pretty well. Keep the reviews coming!

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