February 11, 2011


Ol’ Thunderhead Tasting

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After the results from Fugetaboutit 2010, I decided to put together some tasting notes for Wee Heavy #2.  I’ll also get scans of the BJCP scoresheets and attach them to the post.  Sorry, but the pics from the tasting turned out to be crap, so I’ll have to drink another bottle and get a few more shots (It’ll be tough, but I’ll manage!).

Aroma: Moderate amounts of warm alcohol and and vanilla with a background note of woody oak.  The malt and a hint of caramel is subdued by the alcohol and oak.  There are no hop aromas, not very much in the way of fruit esters and no diacetyl present.  The alcohol is not hot or harsh.  It’s more warm and perfume-like.

Appearance: Pours with a 3-4mm light tan head that fades relatively quick leaving a ring around the glass.  Color is a deep amber-brown with strong ruby highlights.  The beer is very clear.  Leaves light legs on the glass and the head rouses easily.

Flavor: Up-front is a very clean maltiness mixed with vanilla and very light caramel.  Alcohol is apparent through the entire taste but is not harsh.  Bitterness takes a back seat to the malt sweetness and no hop flavors are present.  Finishes with a dry mild oakiness.

Mouthfeel: A bit light in body for the style.  Probably a medium-light body.  Carbonation is low to medium and perfect for the style.  Warmth and oak are pleasant and not harsh or astringent.

Impression: This is a good example for the style, but in my opinion it’s a bit disappointing in body and malt richness.  The oak has mellowed to the point that you might not recognize it if you weren’t aware it was added.  Bringing the mash temps up to where I was targeting would do a lot to improve the body and I think this would also improve the richness and complexity of the beer.  While I do really like this beer, I will be attempting to improve what I perceive as deviations from the style in the next batch.  I’m also not sure if I agree with the 41.5 that the beer received.  We’ll see how it does at Peach State.



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