January 31, 2011


Turbid Mash Lambic

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Yesterday, I brewed my first Lambic… and dove in feet first with a traditional turbid mash technique.

Borrowing notes from the Burgundian Babble Belt, Mike T’s blog and The Liddil Lambic Lesson I did the following recipe and mash schedule:

Thanks to Shelby from Final Gravity for stopping by and lending a hand (and sharing some tasty Oktoberfest and Winter Warmer!).

  • 8lbs – Belgian Pale Malt (Dingemans)
  • 3.75lbs – Raw Red Wheat (Whole Foods)
  • 1lb – Raw Spelt (Whole Foods – What the heck, I was feeling rustic)
  • 1oz Spalt Select Hops (2% AA)

I started by doughing in to my grist bucket with 5.25qts of 144F water which basically wet the grain and raised the temp to 113F.  This I let rest for 20 minutes.

Next I added an infusion of boiling water to the mash of 7qts over the course of 5 minutes bringing the temp up to 136F.  It was then thin enough to transfer to my mash tun which i has pre-heated with around 2qts of boiling water.

Once the mash was settled into the tun, 1.5qts of liquid was drawn out through the manifold valve into a separate kettle.  This was placed on the stovetop and brought up to a temp above 176F and kept on low heat.

After resting at the last step for 20 minutes, another infusion of 10qts boiling water was added to bring the mash up to 150F.  Once the mash was settled at temp, another 6qts of liquid was drawn from the manifold valve.  This was added into the previous kettle on the stove and again raised to over 176F.

Again after resting for 20 minutes, the final infusion of 10qts of boiling water was added bringing the mash temp to 162F.  The liquid from the second kettle was added which was supposed to bring the mash to 167F for mash out but fell short and only hit 164F.  I kept adding boiling water at this point until I reached the 167F mark since I didn’t want the turbid portion to begin conversion.

This is where I almost had a panic moment.  I had used around a half pound of rice hulls in the mash, but when I went to start my fly sparge, nothing was happening.  I noticed big wads of grains coming out of the valve and stopping the pump.  Turns out my manifold had gotten knocked out of the compression fitting inside the tun!  Luckily I had enough Homer buckets to rescue the situation and hopefully the mash-out temp had already stopped conversion.

I sparged until the runnings were around 1.008 which yielded 10.25 gallons of wort in the kettle with a gravity of 7.5°P.  I added my hops right after the break fell in and let it boil.  Checking the gravity at 1 hour showed 8.0 gallons remaining at 11°P.  I was planning for 8 gallons of 1.045 OG wort with a half gallon kettle loss, so I cut the flame and started the chiller.

I ended up with one carboy at a little over 4 gallons and I pitched East coast Yeast’s Bugfarm V in that one.  The other ended up with around 3.5 gallons and that one got Wyeast’s Lambic Blend.

We’ll give it a check in six months or so.


01/31/2011 – The Bugfarm V carboy was off like a rocket and already had a 2″ krausen.  Still no sign of life from the Wyeast carboy at 10:30pm.

03/03/2011 – Boiled 1oz American oak and 1oz of French oak for 30 minutes each.  Added the American oak to the Wyeast carboy and the French oak to the Bugfarm carboy.  Even though it is only a month old, I thieved a small sample from each.  The Weast has a very slight sourness and seem thin and one dimensional.  The Bugfarm carboy is already moderately sour with a nice complexity.  Looking forward to another taste in five months.


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  1. Matthew says:

    Very nice!!! Love trying the different techniques in brewing. Great adventures. Good work!!

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