August 22, 2010


Wee Heavy #2 – Ol’ Thunderhead

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Historical reference article.

On August 21, 2010 I brewed my second Wee Heavy.  Several comments that I received from competitions on the first batch suggested increasing complexity.  I varied the grainbill from the first batch and used some non-trdiational ingredients to attempt a more complex malt profile.

Here is the recipe:

Recipe Specifications
Batch Size: 6.00 gal
Boil Size: 8.06 gal
Estimated OG: 1.095 SG
Estimated Color: 15.0 SRM
Estimated IBU: 29.3 IBU
Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.00 %
Boil Time: 60 Minutes

Amount        Item                                      Type         % or IBU
15.00 lb      Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM)            Grain        70.99 %
3.00 lb       Vienna Malt (3.5 SRM)                     Grain        14.20 %
1.50 lb       Wheat Malt, Bel (2.0 SRM)                 Grain        7.10 %
0.50 lb       Biscuit Malt (23.0 SRM)                   Grain        2.37 %
0.50 lb       Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L (40.0 SRM)     Grain        2.37 %
0.25 lb       Caramunich Malt (56.0 SRM)                Grain        1.18 %
0.25 lb       Special B Malt (180.0 SRM)                Grain        1.18 %
0.13 lb       Roasted Barley (300.0 SRM)                Grain        0.62 %
2.50 oz       Goldings, East Kent [5.00 %]  (60 min)    Hops         26.7 IBU
0.50 oz       Goldings, East Kent [5.00 %]  (15 min)    Hops         2.7 IBU
1 Pkgs        Irish Ale (White Labs #WLP004)            Yeast-Ale
Single infusion mash for 60 minutes at 154F
Soaked 1oz medium toast french oak chips in Single Malt Islay whisky for 3 weeks during primary fermentation.
Secondary on oak for ~20 days.  Basicaly until it tasted like it had just a little too much oak then bottled.

My mash was a bit under temp after strike and the mash tun was rather full.  I hit 150F instead of the intended 154F.  I think it may have been a little cooler than that in some places as the wort attenuated farther than expected.  OG on this batch was at 1.085 and it finished at 1.014.  Mouthfeel of the uncarbonated sample was thin, but the oak aging definitely helped.


12/11/2010 – Received Honorable Mention (Score: 41.5) in Category 22C (Smoke/Wood-aged) at the 2010 Fugetaboutit Competition

03/13/2011 – Received Honorable Mention (Score: 37.5) in Category 22C at the 2011 Peach State Brew Off

04/14/2011 – Started carbing the keg from the Barley Mob collab of this recipe for bottling.

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